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June 10-13, 2013 - New Orleans, Louisiana

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Poster Presentations

The following presentations were presented in Poster format inside the Exhibit Hall.

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Energy Security



14162 - Partnerships Are Essential in the Quest for a Cadmium-Free Workplace 
Ms. Eileen Schmura, CTC

14167 - Testing and Implementation of Non-Chromium Sealer 
Mr. Rob Mason, CTC

14204 - Green Replacement for Lead-based Materials 
Mrs. Neha Mehta, Picatinny Arsenal

14211 - Environmental Hazard Analysis – Task 210 in Draft MIL-STD-882E 
Mr. William Thacker, Jr., Booz Allen Hamilton

14218 - Drinking Water Quality and Disinfection By-Products: Meeting the Challenge of Compliance with US-EPA DBPR Stage 2 Regulation  
Mr. Leo Zappa, Calgon Carbon Corporation

14225 - A Project for Laboratory Method Development for IMX 101 Wastewater Analysis 
Mr. Chuck Tomljanovic, CTC

14226 - Green Procurement: From the Plan to Performance 
Ms. Patricia Rippey, U.S. Army Public Health Command

14230 - Reducing the Concentration of Constituents in NDI Waste Water – An Evaluation of the Performance and Cost Effectiveness of Ultra-Filtration Membrane Technology  
Mr. Jacob Rosenbaum, CTC

14257 - Green Developments in Pollution Prevention and Military Packaging 
Ms. Jennifer Thran, Department of the Navy

14264 - Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mobile Incinerators for Reducing the Human Health and Environmental Risk Associated with Burning Municipal Solid Waste at Contingency Bases 
Mr. Joe Jackens, CTC

14314 - Laser Removal of Paint from Aerospace Assemblies 
Mr. Randy Straw, CTC

14320 - Enhancing the Quality of a Manufacturing By-Product: The Team Approach  
Mr. Brian Hubbard, U.S. Army ARDEC

14339 - Directed Groundwater Recirculation for Restoration of the Ogallala Aquifer near Lubbock, Texas 
Mr. Lynden Peters, ARCADIS/Malcolm Pirnie

14392 - Solid- and Liquid-Phase Geochemical Characterization of Depleted Uranium Contamination in Soil for Creating Specific Extraction and Remediation Protocols on U.S. Army Training Ranges 
Dr. Mark Chappell, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

14393 - Using Geochemical Techniques to Elucidate Fate of Militarily Relevant Metals in the Environment
Dr. Jennifer Seiter, U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center

14394 - Assessing the Fate and Effects of Insensitive Munitions in Terrestrial Environments 
Dr. Jennifer Seiter, U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center

14397 - Fate and Effects of Depleted Uranium in Terrestrial Systems 
Dr. Jacob Stanley, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

14405 - Treatment of Wastes by Supercritical Water Oxidation 
Mr. Louie Wong, General Atomics

14408 - MIL-STD-882E Task 108 Hazardous Materials Management 
Ms. Lucy Rodriguez, Booz Allen Hamilton

14416 - Innovative Mobile & Permanent Solutions for Waste Management & Waste-to-Energy Opportunities for the Military 
Ms. Jean Lucas, Eco Waste Solutions

14419 - Demonstration & Validation of Cr+6 to Cr+3  
Mr. John Stropki, Battelle

14423 - Balancing ESOH and Corrosion Control Requirements – Cr+6 
Mr. Jefferson Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton

14445 - Government Purchase Cards: Tracking Purchase Types and Influencing Purchase Habits to Meet Greening the Government Objectives
Mr. David Howell, EM-Assist, Inc.

14461 - Quantitative Passive Soil Vapor Sampling for VOCs 
Mr. Todd McAlary, Geosyntec Consultants

Energy Security

14117 - Gas Phase Reduction: A “Net Positive” Solution for Waste Management 
Dr. Douglas Hallett, Natural Energy Systems, Inc.

14198 - DoE-DoD Emergency Back-Up Power Field Demonstration 
Mr. Stephen Hammill, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

14221 - Leveraging Department of Defense Buffer Lands in Support of Energy Requirements 
Mr. Chad Henry, CALIBRE

14241 - Super Energy Efficient Containerized Living Unit (SuperCLU) 
Mr. David Chavez, NAVFAC Engineering Service Center

14273 - Wearable Personal Power Management and Distribution – Individual Energy Sustainment 
Mr. Eric South, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

14324 - Densification – Producing Refuse-Derived Fuel for Military Operations 
Ms. Donna Provance, CTC

14434 - Southern Research Waste to Energy Platform for Forward Operating Bases and Fixed Installations 
Dr. Santosh Gangwal, Southern Research Institute

14447 - Lighting Energy Efficiency: A Portfolio-based Decision Tool
Ms. Virginia Bostock, LMI

14464 - Demand Optimization with Lighting 
Mr Russ L MacAdam  Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

14468 - ECOtality’s Micro-Climate Program: Driving the Future of Energy Security in Military Transportation 
Mr. Steve Schey, ECOtality


13996 - Toxicity and Treatability of a Laboratory Disinfectant  Ms. Jennifer Cearfoss, U.S. Army Public Health Command

14148 - Performance and Economic Analysis of a Medium-Size Reverse-Osmosis Plant using HOMER and DEEP-3.2 Software  
Dr. Ali Al-Qaraghuli  National Renewable Energy Lab

14155 - Strategic Material Buffers 
Mr Luis  Villarreal PE Defense Logistics Agency

14231 - Reuse of Laundry Wastewater using the Shower  Water Reuse System (SWRS) with Added Coagulation 
Dr. Hyunchul Kim, Penn State University

14243 - Development, Challenges and Validation of a High Efficiency UV Unit for Water Reuse 
Mr. Keith Bircher, Calgon Carbon Corporation

14337 - Development of a Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan and Associated Sustainability Initiatives for Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Ms. Elizabeth Krousel, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

14431 - Methane Markets: Developing Landfill Gas as a Valuable Resource 
Mr. Gordon Parish, ARCADIS-US

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